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Does Mobistealth Actually Work?

Mobistealth Reviews

When we have our doubts about whether or not someone is telling the truth, it can really begin to unsettle us. Is your partner cheating on you? Is your teenage involved in something you would rather they weren’t? Are you employees taking advantage of their company issued phone to make personal calls at your expense? Thanks to the latest in spy technology, you can discreetly keep tabs on  any of these people, uncovering the truth once and for all. There are many different mobile phone spy software packages available, but one of the more popular choices is Mobistealth. We suggest you to read a Mobistealth Reviews before buying. This particular spy tool has been gaining popularity online very steadily and users have been pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at Mobistealth and see if it really is as good as it claims to be.


Mobistealth is basically a mobile phone spy system which is suitable for monitoring and/or tracking phones with Android, Blackberry, iOS or Symbian operating systems. The software is downloaded onto the target phone and can then be set up online to collect data. From the moment it is installed, you will be able to secretly intercept calls, text messages, pictures and videos. You will even be able to track the location of the phone using GPS.

WARNING! It is necessary to take a look at other spy software review before buying!


The next step in our Mobistealth Review is overview of features cell phone spy suggest. The cell-spy mobistealthMobistealth application is available in various subscription options for either home or business users. The list of features that this gives you access to is ever growing and new features are added regularly to keep up with technological advances. Some of the most popular features include:

  • GPS Tracking – Instantly pin point where the phone is at any given time by using GPS. The location of the phone can be viewed in real time, or points can be plotted on a map at regular intervals to be examined at a later date.
  • Call History Logs – Look at call times and durations and check out the number of the callers and recipients. Even when the call history is deleted from the target phone, a copy is stored securely online for you.
  • Text Message Logs – Similarly, you will be able to view text messages sent or received using the target phone even after they have been deleted.
  • Access Calendars – Mobistealth lets you view calendars and appointments on the target phone so that you can see where the individual being monitored is intending to go.
  • Photo Interception – You can look at photos and videos taken or received by the target phone. These are stored in your online account so that they are available even when deleted.
  • Messenger Spying – You can view instant messaging conversations from BBM, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messaging.
  • Call Recording – Listen to and record incoming and outgoing calls without detection.


Here is a screenshots of Mobistealth App Control Panel:

Web Browsing MonitoringMobistealth INTERNET BROWSING



Mobistealth-sms spy


It is necessary for Mobistealth to be installed on the target phone first, so you will need access to it for a few minutes. The software only works with smartphones or tablets – not analog phones. It only takes minutes to set up and is so user friendly that even the technically challenged will find it a breeze. Once installed on the phone, you can log onto your account online and configure the options to suit your needs.

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The Pros & Cons of Mobistealth

Let’s take a brief look at the advantages first:

  • easy installation
  • complete stealth mode so the target will never know
  • peace of mind from knowing the truth
  • parents can easily keep tabs on teen children
  • employers can ensure employees do not abuse phone privileges
  • increase employee productivity
  • confront cheating spouses with hard evidence

Everything has its downsides and we show them in Mobistealth Review, but none of these are really what I consider to be deal breakers:

  • it may be difficult to get the target phone in order to install the software
  • the software is only available on monthly subscription rather than a one time fee


It is fairly clear that Mobistealth is one of the most advanced spy software tools available today. With thousands of satisfied customers and an excellent customer support service this is one spy tool that you can rely on. This software has everything you could ask for to help put an end to your doubts about kids, spouses or employees.

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